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You guys, I did it again. I made something I pinned on Pinterest! This makes me so happy, because I’m pretty sure most people don’t actually do anything with their pins. Maybe I’m wrong…if you are on Pinterest, have you followed through on any pins? Outfit ideas? Home ideas? Recipes? Crafty DIYs?

I made an infinity scarf! I had been wanting one for a little while now, but buying little extras like that aren’t in our budget, and I didn’t really want to wait for Christmas. My hubby isn’t a fan of wearing scarves inside (reminds him of snobby students in his University classes), so I thought maybe an infinity scarf would be ok, and since I’m always cold, it will stop me from cranking the heat up. Browsing through Pinterest last night I stumbled upon this tutorial which I still might make, since it looks super cozy, and I would love to have it to wear on Christmas morning. But it requires sewing, and I still have a pile of stuff downstairs that I never get to, so I don’t really see this happening. However, I than scrolled down a little more and saw this tutorial! This one, its brilliant. It took my husband longer to decide which old shirt I could have, than it did for me to cut it up. Two cuts, a little stretching, and you are done. Here’s mine:

Jeans: Old Navy skinny jeans. Shirt: Joe Fresh. Scarf: handmade by me!

The best part about this little diy, IT WAS FREE! I used an old shirt of my husbands, one that was in perfect condition; he never wore it because it fit weird. I have a feeling I might get a little carried away and make a million of these in different colours. Maybe a printed shirt from the thrift store? Oh the possibilities! Right now I totally love my grey one, it’s so comfy!

And since I took pictures of my outfit, I thought I would link up with Mandy’s SOS again! Yay for being kinda fashionable.

  1. Yay! It looks great! I'm going to crochet an infinity scarf for myself (from a pattern I saw on Pinterest) as soon as I'm done with my current project.
  2. This is my first time checking out your blog. What a lovely space :) I love that scarf - I've got lofty crafting aspirations but very limited ability!
    • Thanks for stopping by! Most of things I do don't take much ability (especially that scarf!) and with places like Pinterest, you don't even need to come up with the idea yourself :)

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