Meal Plan Monday

Meal Plan Monday

Goodness, time is just flying by! My baby girl will be two months old this week, and Advent starts this weekend! Christmas is just around the corner, so I guess I should get my butt in gear on some Christmas crafts (more stuff from Pinterest!) so that they are ready for when we put our tree up. The weather has also changed this week, and it is going to be kinda cold, so some of our meals are going to be very comfy warm wintery dishes.

So here is what we are eating this week:

Monday: baked chicken legs with bruschetta

Tuesday: french onion soup (never made it before, hubby requested it, so I’m trying out the Joy of Cooking recipe)

Wednesday: turkey sausage with rice and salad

Thursday: pork chops with stuffing and garlic green beans (we’re Canadian, but it’s American Thanksgiving so I thought we’d have some stuffing!)

Friday: Rachael Ray’s veg head three bean chili (this is by far the BEST chili I have ever had, and it’s the hubby’s fav too. My husband, the classic meat and potatoes guy, prefers this over my meat chili)

Saturday: Hubby’s night to cook! He hasn’t planned his meal yet, maybe we’ll end up ordering food again. Don’t really care as long as I don’t have to cook it 🙂

Sunday: we always have Sunday dinners at either my parents house or my husbands

I think I am going to make some raisin scones this week (saw them at the store and got a craving for one with my afternoon tea), and I’m sure I will need a chocolate fix, so I will end up baking some brownies too.

Happy menu planning!

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