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100% done!

I hate to admit it, but I am not a finisher. I start projects with the best intentions, but life, procrastination and my pvr get in the way.

  • I’ve had the material and curtain rods for over 2 years now, but the curtains for the master bedroom and en suite have not yet been made.
  • I started making a felt nativity well before Christmas 2010, it still isn’t finished.
  • my maternity clothes are sitting in my closet, waiting to be packed away (baby girl is 2 months old)
  • I have a cardboard box full of food and baby formula, a pile of winter coats, and a garbage bag full of clothing, waiting to be taken to St. Vincent De Paul’s (it’s already snowing, and I have perfectly good winter coats waiting to keep someone warm!)

And I’m sure there are lots of other “to-dos” that are waiting to get done, that just never do (that last one, it will get done this weekend, it just has to!).

Yesterday I made time to finish off this project. After the little man woke from his nap, and missy had just been fed, I grabbed some tools and got to work. I almost gave up when the 2 year old was at my feet getting in my way. I almost gave up when I had to get out the glue gun to fix one frame. I almost gave up when I had to go searching for more picture hangers. But I didn’t. It took longer than it should have, and was more frustrating that it should have been if I just did it on that Saturday morning several weeks ago like I said I was going too. Whatever. It’s done, and I love them.

I love that when I change her diaper I have them too look at. I love that they make me think of my Gran, who never got a chance to meet my kids. I love that my 2 year old son runs in and says “Beautiful Mommy, they’re Beautiful”. I love that I finished a project.

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