I never wanted to be a ballerina…

I never wanted to be a ballerina…

This: Ballet dancers are mean, well at least the ones in this DVD are. They stand there all calm, not sweating at all, and easily bend and move with such grace. I stand there awkwardly moving, barely bending, and sweating in places that I forgot could sweat. Some say chasing a toddler is enough exercise; that making 100 trips upstairs to change diapers is enough to keep you in shape. Actually, I don’t think anyone ever said that. I’m not a big person, and I certainly didn’t gain much weight when I was pregnant. But my body is not in shape, and I do carry some extra pounds in places that I wish were a bit smaller. Maybe it’s the fact that I have had 2 kids, maybe because I am approaching 30 faster than I’d like to. Maybe it is because I am human, either way, my metabolism has slowed and I can no longer eat whatever I want. Yes, a year ago I could eat whatever I wanted, and I wouldn’t gain weight. In fact, it was difficult for me to gain weight, so much so that when I had bad morning sickness with my son, my doctor threatened me with hospitalization if I didn’t keep my weight up. Now? No problem gaining weight. Halloween? Yup, ate lots of candy the weeks leading up to the day, and I gained a few pounds like any normal person would. November had lots of birthdays, which meant lots of cake, so there were a few more pounds. And now, we have ice cream in the freezer, more birthday cake in the fridge and I had McDonalds yesterday morning: time to work out.

A few weeks ago I had started doing some old routines with some free weights, but that only lasted a couple of nights before I forgot about it. Today I stumbled upon this and knew that if Michelle Henry from The Toronto Star was starting a workout routine, I should too. The reason why I thought I should follow her along? We were both pregnant with our first kids at the same time, and again with our seconds. I followed her blog both times, and felt like I was going through similar things, so why not join in with this too. Plus, I really want to be able to enjoy high calorie foods, treats, and drinks over the next month (hello Christmas baking!), without worry about the new jeans I hope to have waiting for me under the tree fitting.

So today, when the 2 year old was down for his nap, and little miss had just drifted off to sleep, I dusted off an old favourite: my New York City Ballet Workout. I got this 3 or 4 years ago, and I loved it. Who has the time or money for a gym membership anyways. I never needed to do any hardcore calorie burning exercises, just wanted to stay in shape and keep things toned, and this did it for me. So I am hoping it will work this time too, since I only need to see 5 pounds melt away, and be replaced with about the same amount of muscle. If you just watch this DVD, you might laugh at it, thinking how simple it seems, but do not be fooled by how easy it looks. My muscles were tired and a little shaky after the 3 part warm up. I was completely out of breath by the end that I couldn’t finish the so-called cool down. The stretching portion is enough to tire you, let alone the actually positions and motions. Ballerina’s have killer bodies, they train for far too many hours each day, and are far too critical of their bodies. I don’t want to look like they do, and I’m certainly not going to put that much effort into it either. Just a little off the sides and belly is all I need. And I figure if I start this now, I won’t get caught up with all the people who set New Years resolutions and then drop them after a week. This way, I will have given up on this long before everyone else 🙂

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  1. I do the same thing with belly dancing! Most belly dancers have amazing bodies, but I've seen a couple who really should have put some shirts on.... I don't have time/money for the gym membership either. Go DVDs!

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