Meal Planning again!

Meal Planning again!

This week we are trying to eat as healthy as possible. Not that we normally eat awful food, but with Christmas right around the corner we know we will be eating more than we should have of tasty treats: chocolate, candies, baked goodies oh my! As I type this I am eating a few chocolate macaroons! Last week the little guy and I made some sugar cookies, so this week I am taking time off from baking, and will save my Christmas favourites for next week.

Here’s to yummy healthy meals full of veggies to keep our waste lines smaller, or at least the same, after the holidays have passed.

Monday: baked chicken breasts with sweet potatoes and salad

Tuesday: vegetable marinara

Wednesday: slow cooker orange ginger beef  with rice

Thursday: Italian veggie bake served over pasta

Friday: salmon with rice and salad

Happy menu planning!

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