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Christmas: frugal or green? Can it be both…

The tree hugger in me cries a little seeing all that wrapping paper go to waste. But the frugal part of me knows it is the cheaper option. Can’t I have it both ways??!!

The only really wasteful part of our Christmas is the wrapping paper. We re-use gift bags all year round, I re-use shirt boxes until they are falling apart, I even keep the tissue paper, folding each piece and keeping it in a shirt box to be used over and over. Going too far? I don’t think so. Not only is all that stuff expensive, it’s not very earth friendly to be throwing it away all the time. Some people might think this is a basic thing, to keep and reuse all your gift wrapping supplies. But I do know some people who throw away shirt boxes and buy new each year. CRAZY! It’s actually pretty funny to reuse those shirt boxes each year. We have some that have been going around for many years now. And same with the gift bags, they get passed back and forth between family members all year round. Is that being cheap? No, it’s being smart. Why would you throw away a perfectly good gift bag or box, it’s not like you are never going to be giving another gift to someone and won’t need it.

How do you make your Christmas a little more environmentally friendly? Do you buy local? Reuse your gift bags and boxes? Oh, and don’t even get me started on the real tree vs fake tree. That is one debate I still can’t make mind up on.

This year I even made a craft with my son. Well, I tried to get him to help, but it didn’t really work. I collected all of the cards we have received over the year; Christmas, birthdays, all different occasions! I cut them up using my scrapbook scissors and made three little garlands for our Christmas tree. It added a little shabby chic kid friend decoration to our tree, and I love it:

And of course, we reuse all our decoration each year too. I don’t put out everything I have, so that next year it will be a little different.

  1. I reuse anything I can! I am the gift bag queen. I have a gift bag for everything.

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