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Meals and Baking Plans Monday

It’s almost Christmas! And boy do I have a lot to do to get ready: baking, cleaning, wrapping. But it’s a good kinda of busy, the kind of busy that will be accompanied by Christmas music and giggles from the 2 year old. Today we will be hitting the grocery store, and hopefully during nap time I will get some baking done. I need to get that done early this week, so that we can enjoy it all week, but also so I can get some of it packaged up to the neighbours 🙂 who doesn’t love a couple tins full of homemade goodies sitting on their doorstep?!

Here is what we are eating:

Monday: baked chicken with spicy sweet potatoes and salad (this was such a hit last week, we’re having it again)

Tuesday: spaghetti and salad

Wednesday: Salisbury steak with french fries and broccoli

Thursday: autumn sausage casserole

Friday: salmon with rice and salad

Saturday: CHRISTMAS EVE! we’ll have a light early dinner at home, and then off to my parents for our traditional buffet!

Sunday: CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!! big turkey and ham dinner at my in-laws 🙂 YUM!

And my baking list? Well it keeps growing. Of course I will be making my famous (uh, Kraft’s famous) Toblerone fudge, plus Mrs Claus’ mud pies, cranberry nut crunch popcorn, and chunky chocolate orange shortbread.

Happy menu planning!

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  1. Sounds like a very busy week! I am so excited you're going to try my popcorn! I hope you like it :)

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