January Photo a Day

Well isn’t this just the thing to do right now. It’s all a buzz on twitter, but I guess there is usually some sort of photo a day challenge going on at any given point. This one has a fairly specific format, which I like: takes the thinking out of it, and you get to see what others come up with for the same day! Chantelle over at fat mum slim has started this little photo a day project, with a different subject for each day, Now, I am in no way a professional photographer, and I doubt I will even attempt to fancy these babies up in some sort of photo editor, but it might be a nice change for my blog to have some pictures, since I never post any 🙂

Check out Chantelle’s blog for more details, but the general idea is you take pictures for the month of January, share them however you want (facebook, twitter, instgram, blog etc) and you can use the hashtag #Janphotoaday on twitter to see everyone else’s pictures. Here is the list of daily subjects:

I will post a few days worth of pictures at a time, here are the first days:

Day one: Me (Morning coffee, TV on for the kiddo, computer on for morning blogging)
Day Two: Breakfast (Quick bowl of oatmeal between meeting the demands of my two kids)

Day Three: Something you Adore (So, most people have been taking pictures of their kids. Of course I adore them, but I like them even more after my morning coffee, especially from my husbands new mug! And just noticed I took a picture of the french side of the mug. Bonjour mes amis!)

Day Four: Letterbox (Wasn't about the head out into the cold and down the street to our mailbox, so here is our mail sitting on the front table)

Day Five: Something you Wore (I really wish this was a picture of a super cute outfit, but since I am sick right now, I'm hiding under a warm blanket and some cozy slippers)

Enjoy the pictures guys, and let me know if you are doing this to so I can check yours out!


  1. I like it! I will be a little late in joining, but will try to get started today! Mailbox - hmmmm....Will post on www.anitamacphotos.wordpress.com Thanks for the challenge!
  2. I love that you chose the TIm's mug over the kids - those are my kind of priorities!
    • the kids are much cuter after the coffee kicks in ;). Plus, I'm a good Canadian, drinking out of my Tims mug every morning (though, we don't buy the Tims grounds, for too $$$)

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