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New week in a New Year! Christmas is over, hubby is back to working mostly in the city instead of from home, and we are back to our usual routine. It’s going to be a busy week full of organizing closets (hopefully take some before/after pics to share) and the playroom, baking cookies energy balls and bread, and cleaning cleaning cleaning! And first up on the organizing list: meal planning!

Here is what we are eating this week:

Monday: leftover Chinese food (we had a quiet Sunday at home yesterday, which almost never happens, so we took it easy and ordered in! We intentionally order extra so we get lots of leftovers)

Tuesday: Greek pasta with tomatoes, feta and olives

Wednesday: ham and onion Quiche

Thursday: pork roast with twice baked potatoes and brocoli

Friday: fish and chips

I am hoping to bake some cookies with the toddler this week. I kept promising him last week that we would, but with me being sick, it just never happened. Everyday last week he came up to me and said “You no feeling well Mommy? We bake cookies tomorrow?” Heartbreaking when you make promises you can’t keep! I am also going to try a recipe from Sumptuous Spoonfuls. I made her Cranberry Crunch popcorn, and it was yummy, so I hope these energy balls are good too! I keep saying I will bust out the bread maker too, so we’ll see if that happens this week.

I also just wanted to say that even over the holidays I meal planned, I just took a break from blogging so I didn’t post about it. I am so used to planning out my weekly dinners, I would go crazy if it was suddenly 5pm and had to come up with an idea for dinner.

Happy meal planning! And as always, come link up with the Organizing Junkie!

  1. Thank you so much for the mention ... I hope you love the cranberry apricot energy balls as much as I did! I bet they would be a great thing to make with kids. My daughter was all excited about them till I told her I put walnuts in. She's not into walnuts. But they needed nuts!

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