Organizing the front closet, on a budget of course!

It’s a pit where shoes and purses go to die. Where coats are hung up and forgotten about, and sweatshirts and hats get tossed never to be seen again. A little dramatic? Maybe. But I have gone through the pile on the shelf, and dug through all the shoes, and found things I totally forgot about!

There needs to be a place for the canvas shopping bags so they aren’t just tossed on the shelf where they fall on you when you open the door. A shoe rack that actually holds the shoes in place (the one we have, the shoes slide right off). A hook for the toddlers’ church bag and coat so that he can reach them himself. Give me a few hundred dollars and I’d be hitting up the nearest Solutions, but that isn’t how we do things on this blog. Here is how I organized our messy front hall closet on a budget!

First off you need to go through what is in there, so you know what needs to be organized. I dug through all those shoes and found 3 pairs I never wear (off to the donation pile) and all the shoes the 2 year old has out grown (they need to be packed away).

You also need to see what is working for you, and what needs improvement. The top shelf was a free for all, purses, hoodies, even a tiny toddler snowsuit from last year! The shoe rack in theory worked, but needed to be turned around so the shoes slanted towards the wall (simple solution, that I never thought of doing in the 4 years I’ve owned the thing). I also wanted a place to hang my purse and the little guys’ church bag, instead of having them sitting under the hall table.

After pulling everything out of the closet, and taking a look around our house, I realized I wouldn’t need to buy anything! This was going to be a FREE project! I found a hanging cubby system in the toddler’s closet that wasn’t really being used. I also knew I had hooks that fit over the top of the door that I could use (even if you were to buy these two items, it would cost less than $20 for both). If I wanted to, I could find some baskets or bins to put the purses and canvas shopping bags in, but for now they are fine laying on the top shelf neatly.

So here it is, the before and after of my little project. It cost me nothing, and it only took me about 45 minutes to do. It was so easy, I’m mad that I didn’t do this a lot sooner.

So embarrassed to show this, but this is what it looked like before. Please tell me your front closet looks like this...
The after! I am so happy with how it has turned out. Now everything has its own place. And there is still room for more stuff too!
Over the door hooks: easy to install and remove as needed (these ones don't interfere with the door closing either). A great place for my purse, the toddlers church bag, and any random sweatshirts the hubby and I will inevitably leave lying around.
I decided to fold the toddlers' coats, jackets, and hoodies and put them in the cubby spots, instead of putting possibly damaging hooks on the door. This way he can reach them easily, and I am sure he will be more than happy to help put them away.

Now the hard part, keeping it this organized!

  1. Great job Mo, your making me jealous bc I don't even have a front hall closet ! Keep up the great frugal work!
  2. Looks great! Ours is very messy and there is only 2 of us.
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