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Meal Planning with a toddler

Meal planning can be difficult. Usually I whip through it no problem, but our 2 year old is being kinda picky again, and I was really uninspired with what is on sale this week.  Planning meals based on sales can make things easier (less thinking, because I only buy the meat and veggies that are on sale) or more difficult (when there aren’t good things on sale, or I don’t want to buy what is on sale). And because this week I’m not liking the sales, I will be digging into our freezer stash for 2 meals. Plus taking the toddler into consideration,  I was really struggling to think up dinners. I prefer him to eat what we eat (sorry, but I`m not a short order cook!), eating mostly whole and fresh foods, and only having his favourites as backups (rice & peas, hotdogs, boxed pastas etc).

So this weeks’ plan is also going to include what I hope the toddler will be eating for dinner, and I am going to link up with Brandy over at Mannly Mama (as well as the usual Organizing Junkie link up)

Here is what we are eating this week:

Monday: My famous Spaghetti (sauce has ground beef and mushrooms) Everyone loves this one, and I will probably throw together a salad for the adults!

Tuesday: All natural hot dogs on whole wheat buns and Greek salad. (we bought a lot of hot dogs the other week when they were on sale, and the hubby has been dying to eat them, even though they are for the little guy!) What kid doesn’t love hot dogs, and he’ll eat the cucumber and feta from the salad too.

Wednesday: Mince and totties. This is a family favourite as well, its ground beef served with mashed potatoes and peas, I mix it all together for the little guy, and he has it with ketchup just like his dad!

Thursday: We are out for dinner for our 4th wedding anniversary, so I’m hoping he’ll eat a grilled cheese sandwich with cucumber or apple slices on the side.

Friday: Left over veggie chili. I made this a couple weeks ago, so I have lots in the freezer! The toddler doesn’t like this, so he’ll probably have rice and peas and some chunks of cheddar cheese.

As always, check out the Organizing Junkie’s big link up, and now check out the Toddler Dinners link up with Mannly Mama!

  1. Love the meal planning! I never am that organized. Hats off to you! I am always flying by the seat of my pants. Thanks for linking up!
  2. It makes me feel better that I'm not the only one with a picky toddler. Mine eats lots of things other kids don't, but he has definite opinions on what he'd like to eat each night. I have to pick my battles, so he generally wins the what's for dinner one.
    • We try and enforce the "try it once" rule. If he takes one bite of a new food and doesn't like it, we'll get him something else. But he has to at least try, and he does usually like it once he tries it! But you are right, pick your battles! Plus, you don't want to make dinner a bad experience always ending in tears and thrown food.
  3. Working on a toddler meal planning series... stop by and shoot me an email :)

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