Meal Plan Monday

Meal Plan Monday

Well the last few weeks, our meal plans haven’t panned out. We have all been fighting colds off and on for the past few weeks; just when I think I am better it comes back! It doesn’t help that the almost 4 month old has decided to stop sleeping through the night. Hopefully this week we are able to stick to the plan, and not resort to frozen food from the freezer. And I know I am really far behind on posting my January Photo a Day challenge pictures, hopefully I can get those up later today!

Here is what we are eating this week:

Monday: mince and totties (we didn’t end up eating this last week, so I shall attempt to make it tonite!)

Tuesday: slow cooker pulled pork wraps with coleslaw (we ate at this amazing BBQ place on the weekend, so I am craving more. Though what I make will not be nearly as good I’m sure)

Wednesday: Autumn sausage casserole with homemade cheese bread

Thursday: grilled flank steak with cabbage and pepper stirfry

Friday: black bean quesadillas

I am also planning on doing lots of baking this week: brownies, muffins, and cheese bread!

Happy Menu Planning everyone!

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