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Free movies? Yes please!

We recently introduced movies to our 28 month old son. His first movie watching experience was, of course, Star Wars. Daddy had been watching it, and he became completely glued to it for about 20 minutes. He just sat there and watched. His father was thrilled! The man loves movies, studied them in University, and used to have an absolutely ridiculous movie collection (he sold all the “bad movies” several months ago, basically anything he wouldn’t want the kids seeing were sold or given away…he did this with his video games too! Huge for such a movie buff and gamer that he is), so for him to see his own child enjoy one of his favourite films, it was a great moment. For a long time, our son would ask to watch a movie, which meant Star Wars. The kid didn’t realize there was anything else (again, my husband was thrilled). We had tried other Disney films, and some Veggies Tales too, but nothing captured his attention like Star Wars (any episode for that matter). For his birthday, our dear friends bought him Cars. None of us had ever seen it, so we were all excited to sit down for a family movie night. Needless to say, “Ka-chow!” is now a standard saying in our house, and the little guy is often dressed head to toe in Cars clothing and shoes, and we’ve never looked back on movie watching.

Peter Pan (which is my favourite book) he loved, mostly thanks to the Jake and the Neverland Pirates show.

Fox and the Hound (one of my husbands favourite Disney movies) he liked, but I think he liked the sequel better (it has lots of music).

So now that he is enjoying them more, we try to do family movie nights where we have an early dinner, and he gets to stay up a little later. Chips and juice are usually involved as well. It’s a great way to spend a Friday night, and he is getting better at sitting through the movie, and not talking as much. And of course, there are the days when I need to get something done, and Cars or Cars 2 is put on so that I have some peace and quiet.

When we got a thing in the mail from Disney about their movie club, we were hesitant, but interested. Turns out, it’s a pretty great deal.

– picked 5 movies for 49 cents each (when using a credit card online, otherwise they are $1.99 each) and free shipping

– picked another one for $9.99 (counts toward our “commitment”) with free shipping

– picked another one for $14.99 (doesn’t count, but if ordered with our first order shipping was free)

So we got 7 BluRays for a little over $30, and only have to buy 3 other movies in the next 2 years (at regular price and pay shipping). No biggie right? Seems there is a bit of a catch. Each month they will email you with some hot deal that is a short lived offer. If you don’t reject this offer, it will be shipped to you and you will be billed for it. YIKES! Double check your junk mail box setting everyone, that could get pricey!

We figured we would be buying many of these movies anyways, so why not save a bit of money. And even if the regular price BluRays are more than we’d pay at Walmart, it’s fine because overall it is a savings.

So what did we order? Toy Story 1, 2 & 3, Tangled, Mater’s Tall Tales, Tron the Original, and Wall-E. They arrived yesterday, and we’ve already watched Mater’s Tall Tales twice, and the first Toy Story! And don’t forget all those points! The hubby even went back through all our old Disney DVDs and BluRays to check for Disney Movie Rewards.

I guess the next step will be to take him to the theatre…

Have you ever joined a movie club? Did you have a good experience?


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