Meal Planning

Meal Planning

Back at it again! Another week of meal planning. I hope some of you do end up trying that pulled pork recipe I posted last week. It really is delicious, and the leftovers are even better! We made more wraps yesterday with some of the stuff I had put in the freezer, this time with lettuce and red onions, and my husband added cheese to his. SO GOOD! I hope the shoulders go on sale again somewhere, because I really need to make that dinner again.

Here is what we are eating this week:

Monday: chicken and dumplings (this is from Joy of Cooking, it’s pretty easy and is super yummy)

Tuesday:  ham, potatoes (scalloped? mashed? haven’t decided yet) and brussel sprouts

Wednesday: spaghetti. again. I can’t help it, it’s easy and we all love it.

Thursday: sausage and pepper stirfry served over rice

Friday: Mediterranean veggie pizza

Last week the little guy and I made whole wheat banana muffins and a double batch of brownies. I have the first of two dozen whole wheat banana muffins in the oven right now, and maybe I’ll bake some bread later in the week.

Happy menu planning everyone!

As usual, I am linking up over at the Organizing Junkie. Make sure you stop by her site this week, she has some great tips on what to do when meal planning goes wrong.

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  1. Pork Shoulder is usually on sale somewhere in my local area. I'll have to look at your Pulled Pork recipe. You have delicious menu planned. Enjoy! Have a wonderful week!
    1. Adding cheese to anything is yummy, right? I guess it would depend on the recipe you use: the type of cheese and how much of it. It could be an inexpensive side dish or it could be expensive. Potatoes are reasonably priced, and go a long way especially when sliced thinly, and if you just did, say, cheddar cheese on top, it would be inexpensive. Easy? if you have a food processor or something to help with the slicing of the potatoes it wouldn't be so bad. I would recommend checking out and see what recipes they have.

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