Vegetable Garden

Veggie Garden!

It’s a little early to talk about this, but what the heck. Vegetable gardens people. I am so excited! Last year I talked and talked and talked about growing my own veggies. Family and friends offered tips and tricks, and then it never happened. Who was I kidding, I was pregnant (which my body does not handle very well. Hello nausea for 5 months!) and had a toddler to chase around. And it’s a good thing I didn’t start the garden, since it was a dry summer, and it would have cost us a fortune to keep it watered! But this year, this year is different. I have been pinning and bookmarking websites like crazy!  I think our 2.5 year old is really going to enjoy it too. I will definitely blog about the process as we build and plan the garden, and the harvests we surely will enjoy!

Since it is only February, here is what has been on my mind so far:

  • it’s got to be as frugal as possible!
  • make sure to pick vegetables that will thrive in our climate so I don’t waste time and money
  • make sure to pick vegetables that we LOVE so we aren’t wasting anything
  • does it need to be a raised garden? those supplies cost money
  • how much are rain barrels, how easily could I make one?
  • where in the backyard should the garden be located? (most hours of sun per day)
  • how do I plan my garden (short plants on the west side, tall ones on the east side. which plants grow well together? which ones don’t)

I have found some great website full of tips and trick for all of this, but my biggest source for information is going to be my Frankie Flowers Get Growing book!

This will be my first vegetable garden, and I am a little nervous about it. Have you ever had a veggie garden? Any tips for this beginner?


  1. Don't forget - you can save the seeds from this years plants for next year! I have rogue tomato plants that grow every year - the best is that they come from a favourite variety from a few years ago! Also - throw some potato eyes in the garden corner. The bush will grow up like crazy, but come late summer or fall you will have delish fresh spuds! I would use the back corner as I also have a selection of rogue potato plants - and they get in the way of other things I am planting! Happy gardening!

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