Thrifty Thursday

Who doesn’t love thrifting?! Ok, well, actually a lot of people. Yes most of the stuff is crap. Yes the stores tend to smell (it’s all about mouth breathing people!). But that feeling you get when you find something awesome and it’s super cheap; it is such a thrill! I still remember one of my first trips to a thrift store on my own, when I was about 15, and I found a GAP khaki wrap skirt for $6. I still remember that excited feeling to this day.

Some people don’t like the idea of thrifting because the stuff is used. The stuff once belonged to someone else, you don’t know what they did to it and how they treated it. Look, I’m not telling you to buy used underwear or a musty pillow if that’s not your thing (and it sure isn’t mine). But if the item can be cleaned thoroughly or thrown in the washing machine, BUY IT!

I buy a lot of my kids clothes second hand. Partly because we are on a budget. Partly because the tree hugger in me wants to lessen my foot print. And partly because that is how I was raised. Of course we had new clothes growing up, but we also had a lot of handmedowns. From neighbours, older siblings, and older cousins. I still have two t-shirts in my drawer that belonged to my older cousins. I have had them since they were long enough to be nightgowns on me, and now I wear them as t-shirts to bed. My mom saved a lot of the clothes that my sister and I wore as babies; now my daughter has a closet full of dresses,cute girly overalls, and about a million sweater sets in every possible colour that I wore when I was a baby. I was such a clothes horse when I was younger, I didn’t care where the clothes came from. They were new to me and I was just as excited if they came from the store or from the neighbour who had outgrown them.

My husband loves thrifting for video games. He asks for gift certificates to Value Village for Christmas and his birthday! And we have bought toys for our son (as long as it can be cleaned thoroughly). A huge bag of Mega Blocks for only a few dollars? Heck yes! I also buy a lot of picture frames and other things for around the house second hand.

I know have blogged about past finds and even some of the crafty things I have done with such finds, but today I just wanted to share some of my latest finds (ok, some are from a year ago, but I never got around to sharing them), and I will be linking up with Mandy over at Harper’s Happenings. If you love thrifty goodness, check out her blog! Or better yet, linkup and share your favourite finds!

It's the little things! You will find an abundance of little odds and ends in thrift stores. I love this tiny green glass vase. It has a sticker on it that says it was hand blown...but who really knows, and who cares because it was $3!
I love a good mirror. This one was in prefect condition! I might eventually paint it, but right now it looks great in our front hall. It was only $20, which is kinda pricey for a thrifty find, but it's really well made.
Sweater dresses! I bought these a long time ago, but I still wear them once in a while. Super comfy, and were only $6 each!
Carter's undershirts! I found 5 of these in perfect condition a month ago. they were 99 cents each, which is a bit of a savings from the brand new price.
The bets find yet? Our kitchen table! Solid wood table with four chairs and an extra leaf for only $50!


I’m really excited that Mandy is hosting this link up, and I cannot wait to see everyone’s great finds. Happy thrifting everyone!

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