Frugal date night

Cheap date nights are our specialty! When we have them, which is not nearly as often as we should, they are always done on the cheap! Movies from the library or Pvr’d TV shows from earlier in the week with some stove popped popcorn and cheap wine. Or dinner out to our favourite local diner with a coupon. So when the hubby spotted the Cineplex movie passes on the General Mills cereal boxes, I knew we’d be making it out to the movies a couple of times each month for the next few months. Hooray!

Right now, specially marked boxes of General Mills cereals and kids snacks offer coupon codes that you can redeem online for movie passes. The offer is valid until May 31st 2012!

Each month is a different offer (February is a FREE general admission, and March April and May are buy one get one free. There are kids coupons on the kids cereals and snacks that might be a little different).

We buy a lot of General Mills cereals anyways, so this is a complete bonus for us. But even if you just buy the cereal for the code, it’s still cheaper than the $13 movie ticket price (at least I think that’s what it’s up to now…), thought I don’t want to support just throwing out the cereal, because that’s very wasteful!

If you don’t want to buy General Mills products, even just for the coupon, check your local theatres for matinée shows. We recently discovered that our local AMC has weekend showings of every movie, starting at 10am! And the matinée price is only $6! We went and saw Contraband (great movie!) and couldn’t believe this. I thought that maybe just kids movies would start that early, but they had them all. We felt like we struck gold with this discovery. Of course, it’s very possible this has been going on for a while, and its common knowledge, especially since it was surprisingly busy.

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