Family Day

Just a quick post today to wish everyone a happy Family Day! Well, it’s called Family Day in a few of the Canadian Provinces at least. Either way, it’s an extra day that my hubby gets off from work, so I’ll take it! I had grand plans of getting groceries today, just like every other Monday morning. I thought the stores might be closed due to this “holiday”, but my husband assured me they would be open. He was wrong. So, now that I have my morning free, I guess I will get off this computer and play with my kiddos! Later we are off to spend the afternoon with my husbands Grandmother, as her retirement building is hosting a fun fair for the little ones.

I’ll be back tomorrow with my, now regular, Meal Plan Tuesday. Also, you should all swing by Surf Momma this week. She’s put together a great week all about toddler meals! I am so honoured that she asked me to be a part of it, so watch for my guest post later in the week.

Happy Monday everyone!

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