Blue and Green should never be seen…

I’m struggling with this old saying. Blue and green should never been seen, unless there’s something in between. I guess it’s an old  fashion rule? Kinda like white pants after labour day…so rules are meant to be broken right? We have an olive-ish green on the walls in out kitchen and living room. Can I count wood furniture and crisp white trim as the “something in between”?

I love the colour! It’s fresh. It’s a little on the bold side. It looks great with our oak furniture, neutral couch, and white kitchen cupboards. The only problem is, during the winter I grew out of love with it. It felt a little dark on those grey gloomy days. I know spring is around the corner, and so is summer, which means it won’t seem so dark and dreary. I loved it all last summer, but that was right after we painted it, and maybe I was just glad to not be looking at blank white walls. Either way, I would like to liven it up a bit, add a bit more pop to the rooms.

So the fist place I went was, of course, Pinterest. Searching green living rooms, I came across a bunch that were an olivey shade, that had pops of blue in them. BRILLIANT! And a huge DUH! The blanket my mother bought us for the living room is olive green, beige and light blue. The dry erase board I made has olive green, bright blue and purple on it.

So now my goal is to find some green and blue and white fabric to make some valances for the living room windows, and to recover the throw cushions on the couch. Thankfully the windows are small and won’t require a ton of fabric, same goes for the pillows. And since I know how to sew, I will be able to make these myself during nap time (I’ve got both kids napping for 2-3 hours each day. AT THE SAME TIME! I’m super spoiled, and need to fully take advantage of this kid free time). Also, whenever I am out in thrift stores I will be on the look out for bright blue accessories, like little vases for the shelves in the kitchen and on top of the china cabinet. And maybe even some new white lampshades for the table lamps in the living room and front hall. Decorating the house on our budget? Our budget doesn’t even have a home decor section, so I will have to watch for great deals when I know I have room in the budget from spending less on something else.

So, until I can stumble upon exactly what I want, I shall keep pinning and dreaming…

Deluxe Charis cushion, Pier 1. These would look great on my kitchen chairs. But they are far too expensive.
Home decor print from This is so fresh and bright, it just screams spring!
Green and blue eclectic office, This wall colour is very similar to what we have. I love the pop of dark blue behind the book case, and the lighter blue on the cushions.

  1. I don't know - I love blue and green together - I find they can be very complementary. good luck with the valence - I am sure you will find what you are looking for.

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