Libraries are awesome

Yes books are great, especially free ones, however, I prefer to buy books. There is something about floor to ceiling bookcases filled with books that makes my heart very happy. That, and I remember a part in a Frank McCourt book about how all he wanted was to grow up and have enough money to own books! (If you don’t know who Frank McCourt is, google him now, and then go and buy his books!)

Anyways, back to why I love libraries so much…free kids stuff! Free movies and free CDs. It has become a weekly thing now, where my husband takes the toddler to the library each Friday afternoon, and they pick out a few movies to watch and a couple new CDs to listen to in the car. Yup, gone are the days where I can listen to Bon Jovi, or my favourite country radio station. Now we crank Disney Playhouse and Imagination Movers albums! This past weekend, they picked up another Movers album (I gotta learn the words to their songs so that I am ready to sing along at the concert in a few weeks!). AWESOME! Yes, we enjoy the music too. Now, these are actual songs, not little nursery rhythms/super annoying kids songs, so it actually is enjoyable to listen to. And besides, we have the minivan now, we might as well go all out and throw the kids music into the CD player!

As for the movies, they usually pick out stuff that we might not be able to find on BluRay (like Old Mickey Mouse cartoons) or just dvds full of a favourite tv show. Nothing like 8 episodes of Handy Manny in a row! In honour of Easter, this week they picked out a Veggie Tales Easter movie. Kid loves him some Veggie Tales! It’s perfect for a quiet Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon!

The little guy loves the time he gets with just his Daddy, and loves that he get to pick what they get. We love that it’s free!

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