I just love a good deal

Kids growth spurts are the worst. They often come right after a birthday or Christmas, you know, when everything that was received is now a size too small! Or after you buy a new season’s worth of clothing, and they’ve out grown it all before they even wore it. Luckily, my little itty bitty baby girl had a growth spurt this past week, which in any other March, would have meant trying to grab up the last of the winter clearance stuff to get her enough clothes so I’m not doing laundry every single day. However, in our neck of the woods, we have been having a freakishly warm winter. Winter? I don’t think it ever showed up, except for a handful of days where it snowed. It was never cold for more than a couple days, my brother-in-law wasn’t ever able to build a hockey rink in the backyard this year! The weather for this week? 20 degrees (Celsius) all week long! Those are not March temps, it’s more like an early June day! So, I was thrilled to hit up the local thrift store to try and find some short sleeved shirts for the 6 month old!

If you need spring/summer stuff for you kids, now is the time to hit the thrift store! SO MUCH STUFF! I managed to find 3 tops, one that still had the tags, an undershirt, and a golf shirt for the toddler. For $8.87! T-shirts for $1.49? Heck yes! I could have bought more, there was lots to pick from, I just went for the cheapest stuff in the best condition, and only wanted to pick a few things this trip. I will definitely be going back to get more!

After thrifting, we hit Walmart to pick up some capris to match the new tops. This week they had the 0-24mo separates on 2 for $6. That price sadly seems high, since I just paid $1.49 for stuff, lol. Let me just say, this little girl of mine is going to be drop dead adorable in her navy and white polka dot top with matching white capris! Is it wrong to be jealous of a baby’s wardrobe?

All this for less than $9! And that pretty white and pink top still had the tags on it! I love a good deal 🙂

My husband was also on quite a good streak of finding brand new kids books, mostly Disney and a few Dr. Seuss too! Value Village sells them for 99 cents each or buy 3 get one free! We have added a lot to our kids book collection recently, only problem is that they have been added to the bookcase, and I have no idea which ones they are now 🙁 so no picture.

If you love reading about other people’s awesome thrifting finds, head over to Harper’s Happening, where Mandy hosts the High on Thrifting Thursday link up!

  1. I use to have love these amazing deals. Sadly, as the kids get older the deals get harder. We do love the cosignment stores for the teenagers though.
  2. I love a good thrift trip! If you're a member at Value Village you can go the day before the 50% off sales and get 50% off. Once Upon a Child also has midnight madness sales once in awhile. With my oldest (almost 4) it is getting to be slim pickings at thrift stores since the clothing gets worn for longer (doesn't belt that he is a boy). I'm now looking on Kijiji for him and still browsing the sales sections at stores of course - our faces are the Gap and Old Navy racks.
    • Yeah I know the pickings are slim in the bigger sizes, already noticing it for the 2yo! I figure I will save as much as I can now, and hope for great finds on sale when I can. I'm also lucky to have grandparents that love buying them clothes for no reason :)

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