Mondays always suck…

Mondays always suck…

I had every intention on  posting our meal plan yesterday. I did the planning and shopping yesterday. But than we got some bad news about our second car and I was far to stressed to sit and type anything out. Taking a car in to be fixed, and getting word that the entire transmission needs to be replaced? I believe they used the term “damaged beyond repair”. Not something you want to here! Especially when that car is not even 6 years old and just hit 65000 km. Turns out it is a common issue with Dodge Calibers. I love that little car, and I hope we can argue our way to have it fixed under warranty.

It’s times like these, the stressful ones, that meal planning becomes even more important. Sure it was difficult sitting down and trying to think up dinners for the week. But now I don’t have to think about it anymore. If we get more bad news about the car tomorrow, and my head is spinning, and I’m stressed out to the max with kids climbing all over me, I don’t have to worry about figuring out dinner. And when you have days like that, you normally hit the drive thru or pick up the phone and order pizza. Those options are not in our budget, you know, with a possible $7000 tune up on the car and all. My dinners are planned. They are posted on the board in the kitchen for all to see. Last night the hubby even helped with dinner because he knew how done I was with everything. He didn’t have to ask what to do, because he could see it right there planned out for him.

Meal planning saves my sanity. Even when I am exhausted from being up all night with the 6 month old, I still force myself to sit there with the flyers, and my cookbooks and plan out dinners. Those few minutes, save me many headaches later in the week. Short term pain for long term gain. Give it a try, if you don’t already.

Here is what we are eating this week”

Monday – turkey sausages with onions and peppers and baked mac & cheese (it was delicious! the leftovers of the mac & cheese made a great lunch today!)

Tuesday – roasted pork loin with roasted potatoes and broccoli

Wednesday – slow cooker meatballs with rice and brussels sprouts

Thursday – quiche with sauteed mushroom and onions

Friday – salmon with rice and peppers

The 2 year old also seems to be back to enjoying food again. I’m very hopeful that he will eat each of these dinners, and I won’t have to alter them, or cook him something else. But who know, toddlers change there mind every 30 seconds it seems.

As usual, I’m linking up over at Org Junkie! Happy meal planning everyone.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the transmission--I had to go through that a couple of years and it is such a pain! I'm impressed with your meal planning! I keep trying to do it every week, but it is something I just struggle with. When you plan meals, do you sit down and do it all at once or do you do it over a few days or so?
    1. I do it all at once. This is only dinners though. I plan/shop based on what is on sale, so I go thru the flyers first to see what is on sale, and than plan around that. I plan Monday-Friday, my husband cooks Saturday (he will use what is left from the week or shop on Saturday) and than we are almost always at my parents or his parents on Sunday for dinner. I try to make large enough meals that we have leftovers for lunch the next day, or at the very least leftovers for my husband to take to work, and if its a meal that won't have leftovers I will make sure there is stuff to make sandwiches out of for those days. You just have to make it routine, and it gets easier and easier!
    1. I hear ya! This kid of mine loves berries, or any kind. Strawberries were on sale, so instead of getting just on container (which he could eat in a few minutes) I bought two. He has refused to eat them all this week, and they are about to go bad! So frustrating?!

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