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FINALLY! It is here. The double stroller of my dreams. Ok, it’s not really the stroller to dream about, but it is what the stroller means that is so dreamy. I can hit the mall with ease. I can go to stores that have stupid shopping carts that don’t easily fit two kids, I can go for much longer walks than before. We can go to the zoo easily!

It is fairly common for people to buy a double stroller once the second child arrives. I was doubtful we’d ever use one. Doubtful that I could easily move one with two kids in it (I’m tiny!), and that one would even fit in our car (the purchase of a van a few weeks ago solved that one). I ended up buying a Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double stroller yesterday. I love it. I love it more than the Graco I originally wanted to purchase (this one is lighter, moves easier, and isn’t as wide and bulky as the Grace is. It’s the regular sit and stand that most people have, with the addition of a second seat making it a traditional double stroller when needed. It was on sale this week at Babies R Us:  $100 off! The sale made it the same price as it is in the US! (Remember my complaint, and hope for the hubby to pick one up on a business trip?) No need to wait on him! And very thankful too, since I was sending him to Target to buy the Graco.

Up until this purchase, I was limited on where we could shop based on the shopping carts, or having to baby wear with the 6 month old in the Ergo carrier. Now wait, I don’t want hate mail of negative comments. I LOVE baby wearing, and my baby loves being all snuggled into me. But with the hot summer months coming up, I knew I had to do something, that I wouldn’t be able to wear her for an entire day at the zoo with the sun beating down on both of us.

Now we can shop anywhere, which frankly, isn’t that good for our budget! But I can also go for nice long walks, as a form of exercise, each and every morning, instead of the usual slow walk to the park while the toddler stops and looks at every little thing along the way.

And yes I know you can get great strollers second hand, for much less than I paid. I also know that we are going to have lots of kids;  if the stroller has already been used by a family for 2 or 3 kids, it might not last through all of my kids! And than I have to turn around and buy another stroller in a couple years? That seams wasteful.

This new purchase brings our stroller count up to 3! Which seems completely ridiculous to me, but we use them all, so I guess that makes it ok. How many strollers is too many?

  1. 3 is not too many strollers--we had 5, now we're down to 4. I should sell the one that is part of our infant car seat travel system but I'm just not ready to go there yet....

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