Easy week

Easy week

Well, it’s Holy week for us Catholics, so I am taking it easy on the dinner front. Leaving lots of time to prepare for Easter this coming weekend. I have lots of cleaning to do around the house, as we host an Easter brunch for my family on Sunday morning. I have food prep to do for that as well, and finish up some Easter gifts that I have been making (post to come later) for my niece’s and nephews!

Here is what we are eating this week, it really is impressive:

Monday – turkey kolbasa with homemade sweet potatoes fries and broccoli

Tuesday – KD and hotdogs. Yup, mom of the year right here! I will most likely throw some frozen peas in with the noodles as they cook, or cut up an apple or banana to have with it.

Wednesday – turkey meatballs with mini red potatoes and salad

Thursday – pancakes and fruit

Good Friday – a small dinner of salmon with rice and peas

I am hoping to get to do some fun Easter/Holy week crafts with the toddler this week. Pinterest has given me some great ideas as usual, so if we get around to that, I will try and post about it.

As usual, I am linking up at Org Junkie this week. Stop by to check out her great tips, plus LOTS of others linking up.

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  1. Love your simple dinners! Sometimes I crave simple dinners - tomato soup and grilled cheese... jumbo hotdogs on the BBQ have both been favourites lately.
    1. Tomato soup and grilled cheese is a staple around here for lunch! So simple, and everyone loves it! I could probably eat a million bbq'd hot dogs, especially when they get a little burnt!

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