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A few minutes of work can make all the difference!

This morning was difficult. I had another night of the baby waking several times (I lost count after 6…), and the toddler decided to wake up twice too! And I woke up feeling sick: sinus headache, sore throat, and a little stuffy. I really hope I’m not getting sick. Just in case I am, I took a couple of chewable vitamin c tablets. My son saw me doing this and asked if I was feeling better yet. If only they worked that fast little guy!

With everyone being grumpy and tired, it sure made for a fun time trying to meal plan and make my grocery list. I think I am going to start doing this before Monday; it just makes for such a crazy morning trying to plan and get out the door. And when the kids are that miserable, and I am too, I always catch my self trying to of how I can get out of the planning and shopping. Suck it up, struggle through the next little while and the rest of the week will be so much easier!

But we made it to two stores, got everything on my list, and only got a little wet in the rain/snow mix that is happening right now. Though my hand did nearly fall off from being frozen as I stood and pumped gas. This van, it takes forever to fill up!

Here is what we are eating this week:

Monday – baked chicken legs with mashed potatoes and asparagus

Tuesday – turkey sausages with red peppers and rice

Wednesday – unstuffed shells (I use ricotta cheese instead of cream cheese, and will be using rigatoni this time instead of shells. The toddler lost it when I put the shells in the cart today. Picking my battles! The shape of the noodle doesn’t matter to me, but apparently it does to him!)

Thursday – breakfast for dinner! Eggs, toast, and baked apples

Friday – fish and chips with green beans

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