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I’m sick, but I still meal planned!

Well, we’re sick. I’ve got quite the head cold right now, and it hasn’t even hit its’ peak yet. My poor little 7 month old girl has the same cold now too, and the toddler is either getting it or still just cutting those 2 year molars of his. But regardless of being sick, we piled into the van and got groceries today. There was no way I could have waited till the hubby got home from work and sent him tonight; there was no food in the fridge at all! I could have called my mom over to watch the kids so I could go, but instead we ran into her at the store! I sucked it up, slapped a half-hearted smile on my face and tried not to sneeze on the produce. It went better than I thought it would, and we now have food! I did take my own advice, and make my list and plan for the week yesterday. The hubby didn’t like this because it is my “work” and he doesn’t like us “working” on Sundays. But with my cold coming on strong last night, I knew I would be worse this morning and the act of getting the groceries would be hard enough, let alone thinking up a plan.

Monday – spaghetti (I could get the hubby to hit the drive thru, or just order a pizza, heck that still might happen, but right now I am hoping to make my super easy, family pleasing spaghetti)

Tuesday – ham, garlic mashed potatoes and broccoli

Wednesday – bacon & mushroom ravioli (this is a recipe from my Food Network Magazine, can also be found here, I bought frozen ravioli though, and will just make the sauce for them with bacon added)

Thursday – turkey sausages with a asian salad

Friday – tuna casserole with garden salad

I am also planning on making up some jarred salads for the hubby to take to work with him. He loves salad, so this idea I saw on Pinterest could be a great solution for him to take with him.

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  1. Bacon & Mushroom Ravioli sounds delicious! We wer sick last week too, but with the stomach bug. Good for you sticking with a plan. We chucked ours and I made a big pot of chicken rice soup last week.

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