Round up of this weeks’ free stuff!

Last week was a great mail week. The bills still arrived, but along with them came lots of free goodies!

If you are on twitter, you might have heard some buzz around Klout scores. Unless you opt out of it, if you have twitter you have Klout. You can connect your social media accounts together and it gives you a score based on your influence and topics you talk about. Some people are against it, as there are cheesy ways of raising your score, and it can be viewed as just a popularity thing. Either way, it is kinda neat to see where you are out of 100 compared to others, and how valuable your opinion may be viewed on the internet. Anyways, a little while ago Klout launched its’ “perks” program (I would like to say that I was using Klout before they started this!). Based on your score and your influence on certain topics, you can become eligible for perks; free stuff! So I’m already on social media platforms, and now I can get free stuff? YES PLEASE! So far I have received 4 bottles of body wash and these:

Ok, they weren’t free, they cost me 50 cents after I used a boticca.com shop credit that I received as a Klout Perk.

I am also signed up with PTPA (Parent Tested, Parent Approved) which gives parents the chance to test out new products, and offer up their reviews. They give out awards for the top rated products, and even if you don’t become a tester, it is a great place to go to get honest reviews on lots of products. My first item to review was a little snacker cup:

A travel snack cup!

Not a bad haul, especially all in one week! We also got a full size box of Barilla penne pasta with our newspaper, and a full size All Bran Orange/Cranberry cereal bar in our Raisin Bran. Free stuff all around! Also, this week the P&G Brand Sampler went live again! Looks like I’ll be getting a Gillette razor and some Olay Total Effects in the mail soon 🙂

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