Frugal Tip Tuesday

Frugal Tip Tuesday – disposable wipes

Disposable cleaning wipes –

There are lots of them on the market, tons of different brands, and they pretty much all do the same thing that a reusable cloth and some cleaner can do. So why do I find myself buying them when they are on sale?! Which is hardly ever, but I still have them, right now, in my laundry room. There they are in my cleaning caddy, along with my homemade child friendly cleaners. I really can’t defend myself, so I’m not going to, so I am going to try to improve their use…

If I do use them, I reuse them. Gross? Maybe. I mean, I don’t wash them and keep them for later, but I will use one single wipe, to wipe down the bathroom, rinsing it off as I go. I’ve seen people using like 5 to clean one bathroom! Obviously, using a washable cloth is better, and my cleaning caddy has different cloths in it for different surfaces, but sometime I do use the throw away kind…

I got an email from a friend, Amber, and she told me how her hubby suggested that she use the leftover liquid that is in the bottom of the container when the wipes are gone. I DO THIS TOO! Instead of just rinsing out the container and tossing it in the recycling (or making a bag holder out of it), dip a cloth/sponge in the liquid that is left over. Slightly less wasteful, right?

Disposable baby wipes –

I cloth diaper my kids. I would say about 95% of the time they are in cloth diapers and I use cloth wipes as well. I just wet the wipes with warm tap water before a diaper change, and we are ready to go! When my kids were newborns, they were in disposable diapers, and therefore disposable wipes were used. I would buy them in bulk, refilling the plastic tubs as needed. Now that they are in cloth full-time, I use the tubs for organizing things. My son has them in his dresser for socks and underwear, and I plan on doing the same thing in the nursery…I just haven’t gotten around to it yet!

Obviously the better option is to just use reusable products, but some people prefer to use the disposable wipes as a sure way of cleaning and getting rid of all the yucky stuff. So if I can help make it a little better for those people (me included…sometimes) than why not!

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