5 Minute Artisan Bread + Mason Jar Salad = Pinterest overload!

I don’t know what’s going on, but I am all about the Pinterest trends lately. I haven’t gone and made anything with a pallet, nor have I tried some crazy ombre or sponged nail art. But I have done this:

5 minute artisan bread

and this:

Mason jar salads

I love fresh baked bread. I love knowing exactly what goes in it. I love the way my house smells as it is baking. I love my bread machine because it is super easy to use and doesn’t heat up the house like my oven does. My husband, though, doesn’t love the crust on the bread machine bread…He`ll eat the bread; sandwiches, with butter alongside some pasta, but doesn’t eat the crust! So I thought I would give the whole “5 minute artisan bread” a try. I have heard about it on other blogs, and twitter, and of course it is all over Pinterest. I found a couple of blogs with great reviews and tips, and of course the original source. I gave it a try, and sure enough it was super easy and probably the best bread I have ever made, chewy inside and nice and crusty! Even better is that you can leave the dough in the fridge for up to two weeks! Just cut off a chunk when you want some fresh bread. The longer it sits in the fridge, the tangier it gets, developing sour dough like texture and flavour! Sour dough bread without going through the trouble of making a starter? YES PLEASE!

Fresh from the oven! The hardest part is waiting, they say to let it cool before slicing into it for the best texture and flavour.
Nice thick slices! The first slices were enjoyed slathered in butter with pasta and a bottle of Pinot Grigio!

Mason jars are everywhere on Pinterest, using them as light fixtures, tinting them or painting them for vases. There are also tons of cute cake in a jar recipes out there where you bake the cake in the mason jars instead of pans (Super cute as a take home at a birthday party or wedding!) The jar idea that intrigued me the most was the salad in a jar idea. My husband loves salad, and always wants to take it to work, but doesn’t want to have to bring separate containers for every topping and dressing. So when I say the layered salad in a mason jar idea, I knew it was perfect for him! I attempted to buy jars in brick and mortar stores, but every where told me they were a seasonal item, and wouldn’t be out for another month. To buy them online seemed a little silly, and very expensive. I figured the chance of me stumbling upon a case at a thrift store was pretty slim…but I was wrong! Earlier this week we randomly decided to go to the bank and Value Village after dinner. I think we only went because the baby was fussy, and that girl loves a car ride, so off we went. I went straight for the kitchen section when we got there, as my husband took the kids to wander through the books and video games. Low and behold, there was a case of jars! Twelve, in perfect condition, and the 500ml size that I had wanted! The best part, the entire case was only $3.99!

Since I found these jars after I had gone grocery shopping, it was slim pickings for salad fixings in our house. Next week I will load up on all kinds of yummy toppings, but for these salads I layered the following:

Lettuce (always on the top, keeping it well away from anything juicy or YUM!the dressing, so that it stays crisp)

Cubes of Old Cheddar and Mozzarella (my hubby loves cheese in salad)

Cucumber slices

Shredded cabbage (the coleslaw bagged stuff with red cabbage and carrots too)

Creamy poppy seed dressing

They turned out really well! My hubby loved taking it to work, and loved how he just shook it up and ate it right from the jar. I tried one too, at home, and it was delicious! It’s great even for me, as a stay at home mom, because I am not going to take the time to make a nice salad like this for lunch. But if it is pre made and waiting for me in the fridge, I can grab it eat it quickly! So next week I will buy lots of great toppings and make a weeks’ worth of salads on Monday! I can’t wait to try some other great salads, and some homemade dressings too!

  1. Great idea. I totally plan on sending these with my hubby to work..only the bottom 1/3 will have to be dressing since he needs his salads well saturated *shudder*
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