Frugal Tip Wednesday – when to stock up on sales

Frugal Tip Wednesday – when to stock up on sales

Well it’s Frugal Tip Tuesday Wednesday again! Yesterday we spent the morning at the garden centre and planting the flowers, so I didn’t get a chance to finish writing this tip and post it! Better a day late, than not at all right?

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Did you find a great deal, but didn’t buy enough? I always find that when toilet paper and toothpaste go on sale, I never buy enough! Most stores run on a 3 month sale cycle, meaning that items go on sale every 3 months. So it’s a good idea to buy enough of an item to last 3 months, until it is likely to be on sale again. I like this rule of thumb, because it allows me to maximize my savings without spending more than I need to. Sure that jumbo package of toilet paper is really cheap today, but you don’t need to buy 20 packs of it! Don’t worry, it will go on sale again, so just buy enough to get you through those 3 months till it is on sale again! And just because it is on sale today at one store, doesn’t mean it won’t be on sale again soon at another store for a similar price.

Filling your basement or pantry with sale items is a great way to save money, but buying more than you will ever use, or will go bad before you can use it, is wasteful and a little glutinous! I don’t really agree with people who have huge stock piles of products in their basements or garages. Yes I know some people love the thrill of couponing and clearing the shelves of sale items. And yes I know some people donate things from their stockpiles. But I also know lots of people who have a basement full of items that they will never use up (and I’m not just talking about the people on Extreme Couponing). The same goes for buying bulk sizes of items. It isn’t always cheaper to buy the bulk pack, if the item will go bad before you can finish it.

Also keep in mind how much room you have to store things. Your space has a value too; filling the basement with a stockpile might not be the best use of that space.


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