BB Cream – a frugal gals best friend!

I have been waiting for my postpartum hormones to settle down. My baby is almost 8 months old, and I stopped breast feeding a few months ago, so things seem to all be back in order now! My hair is no longer falling out in chunks, and is even a little healthier looking, and my skin is back to is typical self.

Normal for my skin, well that’s an oily t zone, dry around my hair-line and jaw, with a little acne just for kicks. Oh, and there are a few wrinkles here and there too. It gets super dry after I wash it, oily no matter how much or how little moisturizer I put on it, or leave off all together. Over the years I have tried every product on the market; different washes, toners, moisturizer, and makeup. And I’ve tried just about every brand out there too, from the cheap store brands to the fancy department store ones. Make up is even worse than cleansers and moisturizer, as no matter what I use, my skin is greasy a few hours later, and I find myself blotting and reapplying powder.

I don’t like wearing a lot of heavy makeup, especially in the summer, so I tend to lean towards a tinted moisturizer in the warmer months. I never could find one I liked, and most of the time I would just mix a liquid foundation that I liked, with a moisturizer I liked. This kinda works, but I hate having to buy two products. I had started to hear all the hype around B.B. creams over the last few months, and was super excited to try one out on my crazy combination skin, but I knew it would be a waste until my hormones leveled out again. Last week, I went out and bought some…and I am in love!

I bought Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. Cream, because it was the only B.B. cream I could find at Walmart. I love my Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark-Circle Eye Roller, so why not have a tinted moisturizer to match it!

It promises to do the following: correct, brighten, even, UV protection, and hydrate for 24 hrs. I was totally skeptical. But once I tried it, I was completely blown away! At first it felt a little heavy on my face, as I’m not used to wearing a product all over, but after a minute it just melts away and you don’t even notice it. Everything that this product promised to do, it did! My skin wasn’t greasy at all, even out in the heat and the sun all day. I looked like I had the best nights sleep of my life! My skin was so bright and fresh looking, and completely evened out without looking like I was wearing a ton of makeup. This along with my favourite under eye concealer, and I was good all day long! Not looking heavily made up, just natural and glowing.

So now, instead of buying different moisturizers for day and night, powder, concealer, and liquid foundation, I just need my night time moisturizer my BB cream and my under eye concealer! Talk about a huge savings in the beauty department!

I am not being paid to say this about this product, nor was I given this product in exchange for my review. I bought this with my own money, and loved it so much that I thought I would share!

  1. Love that it has UV protection. May have to give it a try.
  2. Hey Mo! I have the same product, and the same issues with my skin.. LOVE IT. I however still apply a moisturizer underneath because my skin still got a little dry when I applied it the first time. I wear a moisturizer with SPF 25, and then the BB cream on top... Must protect our beautiful (well, somewhat) skin!!
    • I thought about using a moisturizer underneath, but I don't think I need one in the summer. I'm sure once my skin changes again in the fall/winter I will need a light moisturizer under it. I figure if I am going to be outside long enough to need a higher SPF, than I will apply a 30 or the kids SPF60 on my nose/cheeks/ears on top of whatever I have on my face, before heading into the backyard or to the park. I have tried everyday face creams with a higher SPF, and they always seem to be too thick/heavy for everyday use for me.

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