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Things are really growing! – Garden Update (week 5)

I am so blown away and over the moon with excitement over my veggie garden! I cannot believe it is actually growing. Planting teeny tiny seeds a mere five and a half weeks ago is growing so much already! Take a look for yourself:

Looking good, right?! To some it might not look like much, but if you go back and look at what it used to look like, it’s a huge difference in a short time! The biggest change; the beans! They grow so fast, that even since this picture was taken, they have grown a lot more. They were planted on May 12th along with the broccoli (which you can’t see in this picture). The broccoli has started to sprout too! You also can’t really see the green onions and carrots, but I promise you there are lots!

Here is a breakdown of when they should be ready to harvest:

Carrots  55-60 days = first week of June

Green Onions  60-75 days = second week of June

Lettuce 75 days = second week of June

Turnips 80-90 days = third week of June

Broccoli 62 days = first week of July

Bush Beans 52-57 days = last week of June

Because these will all be harvested early in the summer, I should be able to plant a second crop for the early fall!I also want to get some red pepper plants for that back corner that is empty. Maybe we’ll go and buy them today, they need to get planted soon as they take longer to grow.

I cannot wait to harvest everything, and create delicious healthy meals for my family! It really is amazing that I can grow all of this in my tiny backyard in the middle of the suburbs!

  1. Well done! I am so behind - I really must get into the garden! Have been so busy planning my next adventure!

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