The BEST (& easiest) Greek dressing

The mason jar salad obsession continues again this week. I love having a fridge full of salads! Fresh, healthy, yummy salads, that are ready to eat. This week my husbands suggested a vinaigrette dressing since the past weeks have been all about ranch and creamy poppy seed dressings. Luckily for us, we both said Greek salad when we thought about vinaigrette.

ready to travel/shaken about to go in my belly

The layers of this salad were as follows:

iceberg lettuce


red onions

feta cheese


Kalamata olives

home made Greek dressing (see below for recipe)

So simple, and you can of course change up the toppings depending on what you like. Greek salad often calls for green peppers, but since I don’t like them, and I made the salad jars, I leave them out. My husband and I both LOVE Kalamata olives, so I put a TON of them in, you can add only a few if you want…

Super Easy 2 second Greek Dressing (makes enough for a little more than 1 tbsp for 6 jars of salad, we like a lot of dressing, so feel free to adjust to your needs):

6 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp red win vinegar

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp dried oregano

pinch of pepper.

Mix everything together (I just whisk it in a bowl) and taste it! It should be a little strong, but will taste milder once on the salad.

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  1. I love that this recipe is dairy-free. Thanks for sharing!!!!
    • You're welcome! I know a lot of store bought Greek dressing tend to have feta cheese in them, so this is a good option for a dairy free one. Leave the feta out of the salad and the entire thing is dairy free!
  2. What do you do? Put the dressing in and then shake it?
    • Yup! the dressing goes on the bottom, then toppings, with the lettuce on top. As long as the dressing & tomatoes don't touch the lettuce, it will stay fresh for a week in the fridge.
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