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Frugal Tip Tuesday – Camping Tips

We are hoping to get out camping this summer with the kids. We didn’t get out last summer, because the thought of sleeping somewhere other than my own comfy bed while pregnant did not appeal to me. This year though, we are super excited to get out there with both kids! We took our son when he was about 9 months old, and he loved it, so I can only imagine how much he’ll like it now that he is 2.5 years old, and the baby will be 9 months so hopefully she will like it too!

While searching online, and on Pinterest, I came across some really great tips, some frugal, some just smart:

1.  Protect you toilet paper rolls by putting them in a container, cutting a slit in the side so it dispenses the paper (source: Tip Nut). Yes this can be done by using those fancy toilet paper covers they now sell, but this way you are reusing a coffee can instead of just recycling it. Now, I just need to find a container that would fit a roll of paper towels…

2. Wrap a head lamp around a jug of water to light up your entire tent. This is a really cool idea, and much cheaper than buying a big lantern. We have a hand crank one, but it takes a long time to crank enough it to light up the entire tent, and the crank is noisy which might wake the kids up. (source: flickr)

3. Plan you meals ahead of time, and prep everything so you just have to cook it. Shocking that I would recommend this right? Chopping your fruit and veggies, prepping your meats, will make lunch and dinner time might easier. You can also think ahead and depending on what time you arrive, have sandwiches or wraps ready to eat. This way you aren’t trying to get camp set up and cook a meal for hungry kids.

4. Use multiple coolers, even if there are only a couple of you camping. Keep beverages and snacks in one cooler, you will be going into this one often. Keep perishables in another, that way you aren’t going in to it for drinks all the time. Keep the coolers cold by keeping them in the shade, with a blanket over them, and leave the ice in a large block.


We love to go camping, it is a great frugal trip for our family! Do you have any tips for camping? Frugal camping tips? Camping with kids? I would love to hear them!

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  1. The other thing I go is freeze the meals I am planning to eat later in the trip. They keep cold longer that way, and don't use extra space like the extra ice blocks do! Of course, this is more of an issue when cycle or kayak camping - space is far more limited, and weight is an issue!

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