just a simple meal plan….

just a simple meal plan….

Lots going on right now, especially since last week was a complete right off: my daughter caught a stomach bug. My itty bitty 8 month old daughter. It was a 6 day bug, not an easy 24hr kind! We even had her in to our family doctor and the local children’s hospital to help with getting fluids in her and monitoring her for dehydration. Needless to say, last week nothing got done, except for the laundry my fantastic mother wash, folded, and put away, while watching our toddler when we were at the hospital.

This is when meal plans go out the window. We either didn’t eat dinner (the toddler was always fed, don’t worry) or had take out. Screw the budget when you are feeding your tiny baby 5ml of pedialyte every 7 minutes for hours at a time…she’s doing much better now, eating like a champ again, and playing with her favourite toys.

Here is what we are eating this week (easy, boring meals, because I am mentally exhausted from taking care of my daughter)

Monday – grilled pork chops with rice and broccoli

Tuesday – bacon avocado grilled cheese sandwiches with garden salad (hopefully from my own garden!)

Wednesday – spaghetti

Thursday – been burritos with sour cream and avocado

Friday – salmon with rice and mixed veggies

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