More Difficult Meal Planning

More Difficult Meal Planning

I should be napping. Both kids are asleep, and will be for close to 3 hours. I just want to get stuff done around the house, because I know I am only going to feel worse later on. It seems I caught my husbands cold, and it’s possible the toddler has too…

I have so many posts I want to share with you this week, especially since the last couple weeks I haven’t written much. We had a great Father’s Day yesterday, and I wanted to share with you some amazing recipes. I also need to write about all the freebies I have been getting lately, as well as the vegetable garden (we ate some green onions yesterday, and we might be able to pull a turnip this week!)

Hopefully I get over this cold quick as I have plans to take my son swimming on Friday, and my hubby starts his summer vacation this week. Regardless of how I feel, laundry still needs to get done, kids still need to be taken care of, and meals still need to be cooked! I can’t stress enough how important meal planning is to me; the last thing I need is to be feeling like complete garbage tonight, or tomorrow, and not having any idea as to what to make for dinner. Meal plan everyone! It makes life so much easier!

Here is what we are eating this week:

Monday – pasta with bacon and mushrooms

Tuesday – Greek style lettuce wraps (lettuce from my garden!)

Wednesday – sausage and pepper stir fry over rice

Thursday –  Chinese style veggie stir fry with noodles

Friday – salmon with garlic broccoli and potatoes and hopefully a turnip!

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