Staycation Meal Planning

Staycation Meal Planning

My husband is off work this week on vacation! We aren’t planning a big trip, nothing extravagant, just a few day trips around our beautiful province. So we should be home for dinner almost every night, depending on traffic. This is a great way to save money when planning family trips! And ff course I will be packing a picnic lunch for the days we will be out and about.

Expect some posts next week on all the fun we had, but this post today will probably be it for this week. Enjoy the start of summer everyone!

Here is what we are eating this week:

Monday – bbq’d sausages and Zucchini risotto

Tuesday – bbq’d pork chops with red peppers and rice

Wednesday – bbq’d hot dogs and garden salad

Thursday – bacon and avocado grilled cheese sandwiches

Friday – veggie fried rice (made with carrots and green onions from my garden!)

As always, I am linking up with Org Junkie! Make sure you stop by and check out her great list of recipes!

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