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Frugal Tip Tuesaday: about being brand loyal

If you really want to save money; learn to NOT be brand loyal. Purchasing whatever brand is on sale/cheapest might not seem like a big savings, but when you do it for all your grocery items, that few cents on each item adds up to a great deal of savings each week. Our family is brand loyal in three cases: toothpaste, toilet paper, and shave gel. My teeth do not feel clean unless I brush them with Arm and Hammer toothpaste, and I prefer Charmin toilet paper. As for the shave gel; every single time I buy the store brand, regardless of what store, it doesn’t dispense properly! When these items go on sale, we load up like crazy! Charmin is almost always on sale somewhere, plus you can find coupons all the time. Major brands of shave gel are often on sale, so I will buy a couple at a time so that we always have an extra one on hand. Arm and Hammer toothpaste is hardly ever on sale and coupons are non-existent, though I think the regular price has come down at Walmart recently.

Just give the store brands a try; they are usually cheaper, and sometimes even better! We usually shop at stores that sell Presidents Choice brand, and many of their products are better than the national version! Cereal, granola bars, condiments like ketchup and mustard, baby food, diapers (LOVE the PC green diapers for those times we do use disposables) all these things we prefer the store brand to the national brand. I will even buy Compliments brand on some things if I shop at FreshCo, though I have bought some items and didn’t care for them.

As with any grocery shopping you do, always check the price per unit (written smaller on the price tag on the shelf). This lets you compare items of different sizes to see which is cheaper per unit. Sometimes, that giant 2L bottle of store brand ketchup isn’t the better deal 🙂

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  1. We are brand loyal for ketchup (Heinz - many of the store brands are sweetened with glucose fructose instead of sugar), diapers (Pampers - Huggies leak for us)., and wipes (Huggies Natural Care - pampers natural wipes have a weird residue). Some brands we won't get regardless of sales (I.e.Colgate since they use carcinogens, or someof the sugary/junky yogurts). With price matching we can usually afford to be brand loyal in some areas. Part of being frugal is not always going for the cheapest products but also going for quality and making trade offs in terms of spending money on things that will give you the most utility (happiness) and spending less on those to which you are indifferent.
    • I completely agree! I just think some people can be snobby towards store brands, when they can be just as good. I forgot to mention yogurt, I don't buy the "zero" ones that are full of artificial sweeteners and other garbage, I would rather eat actual sugar or honey sweetened ones. And when it comes to stuff my kids are consuming, I will spend more on quality products and organic juice/milk rather than whatever is cheapest.
  2. Check out Shoppers Drug Mart too - I buy all my Kraft peanut butter there! It goes on sale for crazy low prices and I usually buy 2-3 at a time! My natural nut butters are still from the Bulk Barn - but you can't go past Shoppers for some of their food sales!

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