Exercising, the Frugal Way

Exercising, the Frugal Way

There are so many ways that you can get a great workout without spending a small fortune on a gym membership. And as a busy mom, it is much easier to squeeze a quick workout in during nap time at home than to head out to the gym.

Here is how my husband and I get a great workout without spending a ton of money:

Online videos – There are so many great sites out there that offer free workout routines. One of my favourite sites is Fit Sugar. They offer a wide variety of tutorials from yoga, to targeting specific areas (My favs are the “10 minutes to tank top arms” and the “10 minutes to leaner longer looking legs”). You might think 10 minutes won’t do much for you, but trust me, you will feel the burn!

Find a great book or magazine at the library to help set up a work out plan.

Library books – My husband checked out lots of great book on how to build muscle and the right way to do exercises years ago when he started lifting weights. He eventually bought “Men’s Health: Ultimate Dumbbell Guide” because he liked it so much. Every few weeks he’ll sit down and go through it to come up with a new routine. Muscle confusion is key to a successful workout! Libraries are also a great source for workout DVDs and magazines.

Free online running programs – The Running Room is big in our area. I’ve never gone in one to purchase anything, and I don’t plan on taking one of their running clinics either. I get that some people need the encouragement of a trainer, and having a group to keep you accountable for your running is good, but I’m not paying $69.99 to have someone tell me how to run. When I got back into running this year, I started with the Couch to 5k program, which you can follow online for free!

Neoprene coated weights are great, I prefer them myself, but they are little more expensive.

Buy free weights –  Free weights are so versatile for working out at home. You can do any workout at home with them, that you can do with the huge pieces of equipment at the gym. They are fairly inexpensive, usually running $1, or less, per pound. We have weights from 3lbs up to 45lbs! If you don’t want to invest in weights, try using canned goods or bottles of water as weights. Other equipment like exercise balls, resistance tubes, and balance discs are great at home pieces. Watch for sales and shop around for the best price, I often see these items on sale at Winners.

Run outside – All you need is a decent pair of running shoes and somewhere to run, for me it’s around my neighbourhood. For you it could be on a trail through the woods, along the boardwalk at the beach, wherever it is I bet it’s free! Of course you can get caught up in buying special socks, pants/shorts, tops, jackets, and fancy iPods, but none of that is necessary, though I do recommend investing in a good sports bra ;). A great site that I use to track my runs, is run keeper.

Finding the time for a workout and a run can be tricky with two kids. We try to workout right before bed, or I will squeeze one in during afternoon nap time. Running is harder, as someone needs to be home with the kids (I don’t want a jogging stroller as I look at my runs as time to myself to listen to my music). My husband usually runs first thing in the morning before work, and I run in the evenings once the kids are in bed. Just remember, if it’s important to you, you’ll find time for it.

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  1. I absolutely love this post Mo! What great tips. You forgot about all that gardening, child lifting, and cleaning you do though! Who needs canned goods and weights when you have a 15-25lb baby ;)
    1. Kristy, I have tried using the kids as weights, but their weight isn't distributed very evenly, lol, and they get a little squirmy!

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