DIY No Slip Baby Hair Clips

DIY No Slip Baby Hair Clips

Clips are becoming a necessity for my 10 month old daughter as her hair is getting long in the front, and hanging in her eyes. But with super fine hair, clips just don’t stay put. So after a little searching online, I found a few different sites that said to add some draw liner to the clip to make them non-slip. And don’t worry, I know the packages say not for kids under 3; she will never wear them if I am not near by! Not in the rear facing car seat or when napping. They are a total choking hazard, and supervision is required.

These are super easy, and super inexpensive to make. Well, you aren’t really making them, it’s more of a modification!

What you will need: hair clips, hot glue gun, non-slip draw liner, scissors.

The hair clips I bought are so classic; I had lots just like these when I was little. They were $4 for a pack of 26.
The non-slip drawer liner sheets you can get at the dollar store!

Assembling them is super easy:

Cut pieces of the non slip stuff to fit the hair clips.

I placed my clips on a paper bag; just in case some glue ran over I didn’t want it on my counter.
Run some hot glue down the centre of the hair clip, wait a couple of seconds for the glue to cool a little. When you press the non-slip material on, glue will come up through the holes, and it’s hot!
Make sure you leave the clips open as the glue dries/cools, otherwise you will glue them shut.

And of course, a picture of them holding that precious baby fine hair out of her eyes!

They stay in place, and look oh so cute! Before this, they would just slid right out of her hair.

Now that I know how to modify clips, I can buy just about any that I come across! Which might just become a problem! And because one project always leads to another, I now need to make one of those super cute ribbon boards to keep all the clips nice and organized 🙂


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