Meal Planning – September 17

Meal Planning – September 17

As I typed the date up there in the title, it blew my mind! The 17th?! My husband and I got back from a weekend away for a friends’ wedding. It was an amazing time partying with some really great friends, something that has seemed so far away for so long, and now it is over. The next month is going to be a whirlwind of activities for us with my daughters 1st birthday coming up, the following weekend is my sons’ third birthday, my nephew and my sister-in-laws birthdays and Canadian Thanksgiving. My husband is off for a week, which will be jam-packed of fun family outings and maybe even a trip to the US for some Christmas shopping. Then it is suddenly November with more birthdays, another wedding, and Christmas shortly after. My head is spinning with things that need to get done, and how fast time is going to fly by. Fall will always be a super busy time of year for us because we have about 12 birthdays plus all the holidays…our next kid is going to have to be a spring baby I think!

Here is what we are eating this week:

Monday – roast chicken with mashed potatoes and carrots (comfort food after a weekend of partying!)

Tuesday – Chicken tortilla soup (using leftover chicken, and homemade chicken stock from the carcass) and some crusty bread

Wednesday – spaghetti with mushroom and meat sauce

Thursday – sausage and pepper stirfry with quinoa

Friday – three cheese perogies and garden salad

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