Meal Plan Monday – October 15th

Meal Plan Monday – October 15th

We spent a lot of money last week on our little family trip across the border. Most of it was Christmas shopping for our kids and all our nieces and nephews, but still, it was a lot at once. So this week, we are keeping it extra frugal for our dinners; here is what we are eating:

Monday – slow cooker honey sesame chicken over brown rice with steamed broccoli

Tuesday – chicken vegetable marinara

Wednesday – fajita-ranch chicken wraps

Thursday – sweet potato and black bean enchiladas in a chunky tomato sauce (kinda based on the recipe I am linking too, but I will  be changing the sauce a little)

Friday – bow tie pasta with mushrooms and spinach

Club packs of chicken thighs are on sale this week, so we are eating lots of chicken. Each meal will make plenty of food for my house full of big eaters, and should have enough leftovers for lunch the next day too! I’m not sure if my 3 year old son will eat the enchiladas, but he will for sure eat everything else, and the 1 year old will eat anything you put in front of her, so that makes dinner time easy for me. Thankfully, in Ontario, it is possible to eat healthy meals that are full of fresh and whole ingredients when you are on a tight budget. Most of the time, it doesn’t require much effort or extra time on my part. I’m not making elaborate meals that force me to be in the kitchen for hours before dinner time. And when I use my slow cooker, tossing everything in before lunch time, I feel like I am cheating because it is so easy!

As always, I am linking up with Org Junkie, stop by for great tips and hundreds of meal plans!

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