A Day in the City: Meeting Jamie Oliver

A Day in the City: Meeting Jamie Oliver

Last week my husband and I managed to get away for almost an entire day, just the two of us! My mother-in-law came over bright and early to stay with the kids, and we headed into the city to attend the taping of a talk show. That talk show happen to be filming a special episode on the weekend, to air later, with a certain celebrity chef. Jamie Oliver happens to be one of my most favourite chefs of all time, and is second only to Jon Bon Jovi in celebrities I would actually want to meet! It was a pretty big deal, as I knew there would be around 60 or 70 people in the audience, and maybe, just maybe, I would get to shake his hand or say hello to him. I have been a fan of his since his start on TV with his show The Naked Chef. I love him for what he is doing with his food revolution, and his philosophy on cooking is what I strive to do on a daily basis: easy, healthy meals, that anyone can cook!

Little did I know that I would get a lot more than that! Everyone in the audience left with a gift card for groceries and a magazine, and one lucky audience member would win a set of pots and several bags of Jamie’s pantry staples. That lucky audience member was me! Normally you just stand up at your seat, the camera gets you for a second, and that’s it. In my case, a camera guy was right in front of me so they missed the shot of me jumping up in excitement. The host and Jamie motioned and called me to join them on the little stage. I got to hug and chat with Jamie Oliver for a minute, and I even got a kiss on the cheek from him! I don’t even really remember it, so I’m glad we have the whole thing PVR’d on the TV. The amount of stuff I left with was pretty ridiculous:

Good thing we drove in! That’s a full trunk! Five HUGE bags full of Jamie Oliver’s pantry staples and a full set of his pots!
Every thing unloaded on the counter. SO MUCH STUFF!


The best part of all the pantry staples: Jamie Oliver products!

I have written about pantry staples before, so you all know what a fan I am of these items. So, this prize couldn’t have gone to a better person! I have enough rice, pasta, baking stuff, oils and sauces to last months! What about those perishable items that Jamie suggests? Well I received a gift card to go and purchase those!

Our food budget is very thankful for this surprise, and I have been using the items in every single meal since the win. Expect a post with a recipe for using that Jamie olive spicy salt (pictured above), as my husband and I are totally addicted to it and put it on just about everything!

Now that I have met Jamie Oliver, I just need to find a way to meet Bon Jovi…

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