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As frugal as we are in my house, when it comes to things that go into our kids, we tend to splurge on the organic and better quality foods. Yes, spending $8 a week on organic apple juice seems like a lot of money, but we cut back in other places so that we can afford to do this. Sure that outfit might be a hand me down, but those are local berries and that sandwich has homemade bread.

I don’t want to get into a breastfeeding versus bottle feeding debate, as I am a fan of feeding babies regardless of how it is done. I knew I wanted to breastfeed, but it just didn’t work out with my son, and my daughter fought me hard at around 5 months, so they were both on formula for quite some time. Formula is insanely expensive compared to breastfeeding, but when that’s what you have to do, you find room in your budget. And when we were picking between brands, surprisingly, price wasn’t even looked at! We wanted what was considered “the best” and the “easiest to digest”. And when switching from formula to milk, we went right for the organic whole milk!  (side note: that was until I learned that Canadian laws prevent dairy farmers from using hormones and antibiotics in milk producing cows, so the only difference between organic and regular milk was the chance of pesticides on the grass/feed getting into the milk [source]…)

Since I made my formula decision based on which claimed to be the easiest to digest, why wouldn’t I do the same with the milk? Something to transition between formula and milk might have helped with the change for my daughter, who had a bit of a sensitive stomach when we started introducing solid foods. We never went with the most frugal option for formula or baby food (though making my own baby food was much more frugal than those little jars), so the price did not impact our decision between brands. So even if a new product like Natrel Baboo cost more than traditional whole milk, that cost probably wouldn’t have impacted my decision. I simply did not know enough about the product when it was first launched to consider it an option for my daughter. But when the oppourtunity to test some came up, I thought we would give it a try. Unfortunately my daughter does not seem to be a fan. It smells a little more like formula than milk, so I am guessing the taste also veers that way, and since she loves her milk, I don’t see her wanting to go back.

I must say I do like the idea of the product, even if my daughter didn’t enjoy it. The fact that it is shelf stable until it has been opened, just like formula, is convenient; I could toss the drinking box in my purse or diaper bag as we head out the door. I have issues with lactose intolerance, so I always get nervous those first few times I give my kids whole milk; Natrel Baboo has reduced milk protein, which makes it easier on their sensitive and developing tummies. It’s definitely something I would like to learn more about, and would consider using with my next child.

Natrel Baboo




Baboo from Natrel is the first dairy product on the Canadian market made with fresh milk specially designed to ensure a smooth transition from breast milk or infant formula to regular milk, providing an ideal complement to the balanced diet of growing toddlers aged 12–24 months. (source: Natrel.ca)

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 Disclosure – I am participating in the Baboo Blog Tour by Mom Central Canada on behalf of Natrel. I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion. The opinions on this blog are my own.

  1. LOVE the comment "as I am a fan of feeding babies regardless of how it is done" I literally laughed out loud ...my coworkers wondering whats funny!!! Love it!
    • Thanks! I just can't stand the debate that erupts whenever anyone talks about breastfeeding or bottle feed, and wanted to avoid it. It is such a personal choice, and as long as the baby is being fed, I don't care which route you take!

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