Meal Plan Monday – November 5th 2012

Meal Plan Monday – November 5th 2012

November 5th! This day holds a special place in my heart! Twelve years ago a shy teenage boy asked a shy teenage girl if she would be his girlfriend. After a short time together, far too long being in a long distance relationship while we attended different Universities, and now almost 5 years of marriage, we are just as crazy about it each other now as we were way back when…As my husband put it “twelve years, wow, that’s like an 8th grader!” Happy dating anniversary to us 🙂

No new recipes or exciting dishes really this week, I am trying to use up some leftovers that I have in the freezer as well as use the pantry staples that I won. Here is what we are eating this week:

Monday – baked spaghetti (leftovers)with roasted asparagus and garden salad

Tuesday – tortilla soup (leftovers) with garlic bread and salad

Wednesday – chicken and peppers over whole wheat bow tie pasta

Thursday – home made pizza with peppers, salami, and red onions

Friday – baked salmon with broccoli and basmati rice

As usual, I am linking up with Org Junkie.

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