Meal Plan Monday – November 12 2012

Meal Plan Monday – November 12 2012

November sure is flying by! Before we know it, Christmas will be here! This week we have some fun things on the menu, as it is my husbands birthday. I am also going to attempt to price match on produce this week; did you know that some stores allow this?! I had no idea, until it was mentioned on another blog. I hope it works out, as last time I attempted to price match some items, the sizes weren’t right, or there was an even better deal to be had so I got frustrated for wasting my time attempting it…this time should go smoother…right?

Here is what we are eating this week:

Monday – roast chicken with roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli (large whole chickens are on for $5.97! I plan to make soup to freeze afterwards, and lots of chicken sandwiches with the leftover meat)

Tuesday – turkey kolbasa stir fry with zucchini and sweet peppers, served brown rice

Wednesday – spinach and mushroom bow tie pasta (I am thinking of adding some white beans to this as well)

Thursday – homemade calzones with spinach salad

Friday – fish and chips (baked cod with sweet potatoes wedges) and spinach salad

We have finally finished the Halloween candy, so now on to birthday goodies! It is also my Mom’s birthday this week, and we are having a big party this weekend for her (both my husband and Mom are hitting big milestones this year!) so there will be lots of cakes and other treats consumed, and of course a few drinks.

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  1. I hate to say it, but I have had so little success with price matching and have decided it's not worth my time UNLESS it's an obviously killer deal. The amount of time it took me to go through flyers versus the $5(ish) I ended up saving wasn't worth it for me. Maybe you have some good tips?
    1. Same here! I spent about an extra 20 minutes going over flyers and coupons and my list, and it's going to make my shopping take a little longer too! I do price matching on other items all the time, like toys and electronics. We saved 1000s when we bought all our appliances 4 years ago because of the price matching we did with Loews :), and I went back to Walmart this weekend to get money back on a toy that was purchased on Tuesday and went on sale on Friday! But groceries...I'm not that great at it. It can be tricky since the sizes and brands have to be exact, and I often will find another brand cheaper once I get to the store! Any tips I can offer would be from, she has great tips on couponing and price matching!
  2. I haven't price matched on food for ages - cost benefit isn't worth it to me. I have figured out who sells the cheapest milk (Shoppers Drug Mart) and butter (No Frills) and for the veggies - I go for quality over price as some of those cheaper outlets are cheaper for a reason (mouldy potatoes, even at half the price are still mouldy and gross!!!) What has me excited is your fish and chips. I recently did a cooking class in Spain that transformed the humble cod into a delight of Mediterranean goodness! Lightly battered and done in olive oil and wine with a healthy smattering of garlic and fresh green parsley - I am still trying to see if I have missed anything ... it was amazing!
  3. Interesting. I wouldn't have thought about it. But as I think about it, there is really only one store near me where I buy my produce...the quality is like day and night. On the cheaper store in the area, I've gotten burned on 'deals' that ended up having produce actually rot by the next day. YUCK. Popping over from Menu Planning Monday.

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