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Frugal Tip Tuesday – Get Fit for FREE!

I am hoping to share more with you all about the exercises that I do. Just a few little ways that I try to stay active and healthy. I am not on a weight loss journey by any means, it is just a way to get my heart going, and keep me healthy. You know that saying use it or lose it? Well, if you don’t use your muscles or get your heart rate up, they won’t be there when you need them in old age! My kids keep me a little active when I carry them around, or chase them at the park, but I know it isn’t enough for me.

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I try to workout a couple of times a week, and run when time permits. I don’t want to be a “fair weather runner”, but running in the colder months is tough for me; not because it is cold, but because it gets dark so early and I am not going to run by myself in the dark! A treadmill doesn’t seem like a very frugal purchase right now, though compared to a gym membership it is…maybe it will be something to consider in the future though, as I do miss running several times a week.

What do you do to stay active? Walking? Running? Strength training? Do you take classes, have a gym membership or workout at home?

Obviously I am a big fan of the cheaper options, like searching for great workouts online (and there are LOADS of them!) You don’t have to buy DVDs or magazines, it is all there for you online, and most of it is FREE!

Here are some of my current favourite workout sites and/or specific workouts for you too check out!

Lauren Conrad’s 30 Minute workout – this site seems all sweet and innocent with the pastel colours, but her workouts are killer! Planks, burpees & sumo squats (just to name a few) drive me nuts, but boy do they work! Break a sweat and get a great total body workout in only half an hour! – Shape is a great magazine, but why buy it when you can get the workouts online for free?! So many great lists of exercises for targeting different parts of the body.

FitFluential on Pinterest – So many great boards, I don’t even pin them, I just follow them because there are too many good things! It is a great network of encouragement in all aspects of a healthy life; they pin some awesome stuff!

Prevention – This ballet style workout is fantastic! I have written before about my love of a ballet workout, and this one is right up there with my NYC Ballet DVD! It’s a nice change of pace from the usual workout.

Say What You Need To Say – This power and cardio workout kicked my butt! I haven’t gone back to it in a while, because it scared me away…all the more reason to try again right?

The Lean Green Bean – She isn’t just the creator of Foodie Pen Pals, she also posts tons of healthy stuff! Recipes, Bean Bytes (links to other sites!) and Fitness Fridays. It is a great resource for healthy living in general.

As you can see I am a big fan of short and intense workouts, and that is because I only need to strength train and build muscle, I am not trying to burn tons of calories to lose weight.

For more workouts, feel free to check out my Pinterest board.

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  1. Great post. These links are fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

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