Meal Planning – Nov 26th 2012

Meal Planning – Nov 26th 2012

Less than a month until Christmas, and the first Sunday of Advent is this weekend! I love this time of year, as most people do, and I cannot wait until Christmas morning and watching my kids opening their gifts. It really is all about the kids, and now that my son is 3, he is really getting into it all. Each day when we check the weather, if he sees snow flakes on the screen he screams with joy “Snow Mommy! We can build snowmen and drink hot chocolate and it’s almost Christmas time!” I can’t wait to bake cookies with him, he loved doing it last year, and decorating the tree should be an experience as well, though that might not go as smoothly!

To get into a bit of a Christmas mood (and with all the talk last week from the Americans) I am going to make a pumpkin pie this week! And I still have some dough in the fridge to make another loaf of artisan bread! I love having plans to bake, some fun and relaxing for me to look forward to!

Our meals have been planned for the week, but Tuesday through Thursday are up in the air so to what we will eat on which night. My husband plans to work from home on of those nights, and we are planning on take the kids out for dinner that night, but he won’t know until later today which day that will be. So here is  a rough list of what we are eating this week:

Monday – island pork tenderloin with roast mini red potatoes and broccoli (yes I am making the island pork again. This recipe just can’t be beat, it is incredible! Plus, when you buy pork tenderloins you get two in a pack!)

Tuesday through Thursday – eating out, grilled pork chops with rice pilaf and turnip, my now famous slow cooker pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw

Friday – fish with roasted sweet potatoes and coleslaw

What are you eating this week? Happy meal planning!

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