Meal Planning – Dec 3 2012

Meal Planning – Dec 3 2012

December?! Crazy! This weekend was the start of the Advent season for us Catholics. We dug out our Advent wreath and candles, and put the wreaths up on our front doors too. This year we have decided to gradually decorate our house each weekend leading up to Christmas. We are still a young family, and trying to figure out our own traditions and what feels right for us. So the wreaths came out this weekend, over the next weekends we will decorate inside and out, hopefully I will have a cute little Nativity type DIY for you!

So many people jump right into all the Christmas decorating as soon as December hits (often even earlier), but we would rather wait until closer to Christmas. For us, we want to take these weeks of Advent as a time to prepare for Christmas, not celebrate it. Cleaning, shopping, baking, praying and reflecting are what happen in our house, we save the celebrating for the twelve days of Christmas (which start on Christmas day; they are not the days leading up to December 25th).

advent wreath

This week for meal planning I had a little help. I decided to enlist the 3 year old in hopes that it would make him want to eat the meals if he helped pick them. Normally he is a good eater, but the last couple weeks dinner time has been a battle, we didn’t fight him too much because he has been sick, but this week shall be different! So we sat down with the flyer and a cook book and made our list! Here is what we came up with:

Monday – spaghetti and garden salad

Tuesday – bow ties pasta with ham and peas in a cheese sauce

Wednesday – turkey meatballs with rice pilaf and steamed broccoli

Thursday – soft tacos

Friday – tuna casserole and garden salad

I should point out that when I say my son is being picky, it’s usually only at dinner time. He still eats his cheese and fruit at snack time, and will even devour broccoli or carrots on his dinner plate. The main dish is often a battle, and he will end up with a nutella sandwich instead of what I made. I know we are blessed with a very good eater most of the time, we just have to remind ourselves that he is only 3 and 3 year olds do this on occasion. I shake my head regularly at him though, this weekend he tried pasta with pesto sauce and liked it, yet refused to eat the banana bread he helped make. Kids!

I am also still waiting on my Foodie Pen Pals package to arrive, and will post about that as soon as it gets here! Happy meal planning! Today I am linking up with Erin and with Org Junkie. Don’t forget, Not A Coupon Queen is on Facebook Twitter and Pinterest!

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