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Today’s Elf 4 Health challenge is to think of 20 things that I am thankful for. Christmas is a perfect time to think about what you are thankful for and what blesses your life. Things that you have all year round, and that aren’t found under your Christmas tree.

In no particular order:

1. My husband – he is a far better man than I deserve! He is a great man in every role in life that he plays, not just as my husband.

2. My children – two beautiful, smart, and healthy kids.

3. Being financially stable – my husband works the boring job that he does, because the pay is decent and that allows me to stay home with our children. We have no debt, other than a small loan on our van, and have enough savings just in case.

4. Our families – we live very close to nearly all our family and it is such a blessing! Lots of babysitters, lots of shoulders to lean on, and lots of love.

5. Goldfish crackers – as silly as it seems, I am thankful for them because both my kids get super excited over a small bowl of them, and it gives this mom a few minutes of quiet each day.

6. Nap time – similar to the last one, I enjoy the quiet of nap time. I love that they both nap at the same time, that I can fold laundry without it being unfolded, tidy up the house, eat without someone demanding a bite. But most of all, I love the smiles and hugs I get from each kids when they wake up.

7. Jesus – self explanatory 🙂

8. Canada – so thankful that my father immigrated to Canada from Scotland many years ago, met my mother, and had me in Canada. A great country that allows us the freedoms that every human should have.

9. Owning our home – sure the mortgage is nowhere near paid off, but it is still ours. It’s not fancy, and it’s no mansion, but I am so thankful that we are able to raise our children in a safe and warm place.

10. Health – our little family, we are all healthy, and it is a true blessing! A few of our extended family and friends have health issues, nothing absolutely horrible, but enough to make me same a prayer and be thankful for our good health.

11. Grandparents – mine and my kids! The bond that a child has with their Grandparent is a special one. I was blessed to have 3 sets growing up, and I am so thankful that my children have such great relationships with both of their sets of Grandparents.

12. I can cook – I love that I know how and have a love for cooking. Food for me isn’t something to just fuel you, it is something to savour and enjoy. I love how happy it can make people.

13. Creativity – I am so thankful that I am creative. I love that I can think up hilarious stories or games to play with my kids, and am able to put that creativity to use in cooking and crafting.

14. I can sew – I love that I can sew, I just wish I had more time to do it. I have made everything from pillows, to totes, to skirts, to super hero capes 🙂

15. 5 years – In just a few short weeks it will be my 5 year wedding anniversary, we have accomplished so much, grown up so much, and fallen even more in love.

16. Running – I don’t run nearly as much as I would like, but I am still thankful that I can run, and that this last year I have gotten back into it after years of ignoring it.

17. Peanut M&Ms – seems a little silly compared to the other things on here, but I love them so much, they are such a weakness for me! And my hubby knows this all too well; he put a 1.58kg bag in my stocking!

18. Music – I love music, and I love that my children love music. I love how emotional it makes people (well written lyrics make me cry, even if they aren’t meant to be sad), I love how happy my kids are when they are dancing around the living room.

19. Vegetables – I am thankful we can afford to buy fresh veggies each and every week. I am thankful that we all (yes even my 3 year old!) love to eat them.

20. You – my readers! I would write this blog even if no one read it, but I am thankful for each of you


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